The Twilight Saga

This is a story on Bella's perspective after Breaking Dawn. Tell me what you think.. :)



"Death is peaceful, easy.., Life is harder" I never came to regret with these words, it brought to the start of my forever after. My life as a vampire has never been easier now. Being with my 2 favorite people, Edward & Renesmee.


                                         Start Of My Forever

The unviolent war faded, it was gone. I was glad. Renesmee was asleep, she grinned while she slept. I stood there gazing at Edward. I realized I made the right choice, this is what he and I needed. I expected the Volturi to come back later. "Such unreasonable cowards" I said is loud whisper. Edward gave me a laughing smile. I finally took my crimson eyes off him when Renesmee woke up. As soon as she woke up, I took her to Charlie's. Edward & I just needed quiet time, to celebrate our survival from the war. Plus, Charlie loves "Ness", he loves spending time with her. I drove Edwards Volvo to Charlies house. The house was beautiful, better than I expected. Sue helped Charlie cleaning the house, with a bit of accessories added. I left quickly with a graceful goodbye to both Charlie & Renesmee. I embraced Edward romanticly, with a fierce locked kiss to follow. Then we both pulled back, Edwards face was just as perfect and beautiful as the day I saw him walking by me in the Cafeteria. There was an unexpected phone call tha rang. I answered, with a questioning "hello?" Jessica said with excitement, "Bella! I'm so glad to hear your voice." I said with a bit of a surprise, "Jessica!, this is completely unexpected, how'd you get our number." Jessica said "I looked in the phone book, I found Carlile Cullen and then I called." I said, a bit dissapointed, "I really have to go, I promise I'll call you back." Jessica said, "Oh, It's ok, Bye Bella.." I hanged up slowly. Edward gazed at me with a joyful, but sad expression. He said, "You can go back to your conversation, you have forever with me right. He chuckled lightly with a crooked smile. No, I really want to be with you at this time, you're mine; and I deserve you for all times. He wrapped his arms around my waist in a playful way. I turned and couldn't help but give gentle, but strong kiss on his lips. It lasted 7 seconds, the shortest kiss we had. I wanted to show him all my love, but I didn't feel like today would be the right time. We headed to Carlile's house, a beautiful charade started with wonderful lights, and old classic music. This was the start of the rest of my life, which was forever.

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I know its a bit short, but I will put more effort on the second chapter! COMMENT PLEASE :D

Amazing! Don't stop now your doing so well!
Nice .... cont :)
It's awesome. I love it. Please continue :)
it's good looking forward to Edward and Bella celebrating with a longer kiss
Haha it was good i wanna read more but you mean CHARLIE haha not CARLIE lol
this is really cool, hope the second chapter comes soon... :)
gr8 work steph, keep going.  but i didn't like the last part where bella thinks, "I wanted to show him all my love, but I didn't feel like today would be the right time." lol...  y the hell did she think that???
OMG, That's in there, my cousin put that in there!
I really enjoyed this. Keep up the awesome writing. :o)


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