The Twilight Saga

i walked through the woods found a couple of hikers and a short sweet pretty girl. kept me waiten long enough she mumbled. alice be nice you sure this is him a blond male asked. yes carlilse this is jasper it has to be alice said. how do you know my name i asked. thats alice for you sorry bout this my names esme this is carlilse emmett rosalie and edward stayed home she said. nice to meet you i geuss i said still confused. edward reads minds she see's the future and you feel emotions rosalie said. ok i think the way this is heading i might have to get used to that i said

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Nice. Keep it coming.

I Know Right!

course you do we will just love each other alice said. in that case sorry i kept you waitin but i have to ask do you know my past i said then asked. yes duh i know i see the future i know every thing your gonna ask me and i know the anser to the questions you ask alice said.

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wow so what did you do to deserve me i asked. what do you mean your sweet a vioce said coming from behind them. oh eliza behave esme scolded. fine sure i wont tell how sweet he'd probabley taste she said then laughed wickedly. nice to meet you jasper and thanks for my new power im eliza she said.

eliza what kind of name is that i asked. same as yours she snapped. eliza carlilse scolded. ugh you let me have no fun i'd put him back together i wouldnt do that to alice she said. what do you mean thanks for the new power i asked. i mimic vampire powers she replied crossing her arms. but arent you one i asked. did my last coment fly over your head little one im a wizard

she said as if talking to a pre-ker. we started walking to there house i guess. when we arrived eliza kissed edward, aw i was hoping you'd kill him now i gotta deal with both their thoughts of each other edward mumbled. she laughed. believe me i tried apperently they want love for alice just as bad as they did for you eliza said back to him. im mean they had to want love for edward they let you in didnt they emmett asked jokingly. look who's talking she replied. why couldnt she be like that with me. sorry eliza does'nt respond well with new comers especialy if they drink human blood edward said. eliza looked at me weird. what was that about rosalie asked curiously. it was the first time i had heard her bell like vioce so it startled me. um jasper was wondering why eliza couldnt act that way with him as welcoming as esme was to edward replied. i sighed. another thing i was gonna have to get used to. edward laughed. alice came up to me. do they know about me i asked. eliza and edward do alice replied. how does she know i asked. ugh apperently every thing flew over your head i mimic vampire powers edward vampire me mimic his power eliza said frustrated. emmett laughed. i looked at alice. ignore her shes just as bad as rosalie with her hissy fits alice said. do not compare me to her rosalie snapped. eliza glared at rosalie. edward relaxed eliza. i calmed rosalie using my power most likly she couldnt win in a fight with eliza. ugh stop it newbie rosalie snapped but calmer. make me i do know how to fight i said. carlilse looked at me worried. but truth was i didnt want to fight anybody i was i guess you could say tired of it. and especialy against eliza she scared me. nice to know eliza replied smiling.  

eliza's pov


I think im gonna like this dude not gonna push my boundries like every one else. he's actually scared of me even though i would never do that to alice. my throat burns and when i leave in a few days and come back it will be worse. so esme asked knowing it wasnt good when i was thinking. when you gonna give me grand children she asked. well i think me and edward need to get married first and i need to gain a little more self control which is harder than it looks i said. aw she said.  so when do i get to kick your ass emmett asked. never every fight we get in i will kick yours i said. I froze. I dont care how hard it is get him he's new he dont know about us it'll be easy nkc said. but shes so strong she'll kill me the young newbie said. no she wont play weak then get her off gaurd it will be easy to your not scared to pretect your family are you youll get to feed off of him to he replied. she hesitated. fine ill go but keep them save please dont hurt them the newbie replied.  no i said coming back to life. what is it eliza edward asked. he wants him dead he's already planned it to kill him to i cant protect him not now he's to strong i said. cant you try alice asked. they are planning to attack when he's by him self i said. well dont let him be by himself esme said. that wont stop the newbie he sent she'll do any thing to save her family i said. who wants me jasper asked. nkc a powerful wizard as of now he's stronger than me.

how much stronger he asked. very much hes as strong as he was when he was holding me hostage i said. yeah if thats her excuse i am defianatly scared of her he thought. i laughed. i like you i said. ok thanks i think he said. then your welcome i think i replied smothly. 

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