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This is a disscussion talking about alice! Also Ashley Greene.

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alice is great!!! my fav character ;)

ashley greene is a very good actress und so cute ;) she´s looking - wow!
i know! i just saw a photo of her that was really creepy...
In the third pic she looks like Kristen. Isn't she?
Anyway i think she is gorgeous!
she does
i love love love alice's character so much she is right up there with edward and bella alice is the reason jasper didnt go and kill bella in twilight she calmed everybody down giving them conformation bella wouldnt tell anyone about them i love alice she is so sweet and funny and omg who wouldnt want alice as a best friend i feel the movies let her down as in the books she is such a bigger presence and it is needed where as in the movies her parts are small and ashley green is gorgeous i couldnt imagine any other actress playing alice ashley is perfect ashley actually auditioned for bella like 20 something times how crazy would that be if ashley got the role of bella who would of played alice catherine hardwike casted well ashley is perfect as alice
thnx everybody who has read or replied to my disscusion. u guys rock!!!
You can follow Ashley Green on twitter, it is the official page for her and she does twit back.
LOVE her!!! I think she's absolutely adoreable!!....That would be Alice AND Ashley!
Alice is soo amazing!! she is my favorite!!
I loveeee Alice...she rocks ^_^
i know! she is amazing!!!
I love Alice she is soooooooooo pretty!


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