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After seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 I have decided to re-read the series! I swear, I teared up. Its incrediable to re-read the books once you have seen the ending! It touched my heart to read how it was sense the beginning. I am almost done with Twilight and it is so moving...How the romance started! How bella, for example fainted when Edward kissed her! It is just too cute...and now to see them with renesmee! Ahhhhh it is flawless, I suggest re-reading the series! You will be all moved! Have any? Are any of you planning on it?

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I've already been re-reading the series, right now I'm at the point in New Moon were she is about to meet up with Alice again and so on.

Ohhh thats cool! i dont have time to read the series now ): i finished reading Twilight again for my second time! (:

Yes I am also doing it. Like I said I was having withdrawals.  I am in the same place as Liz.  Alice has just told Bella about Edward going to see the Volturi to "die"

I am loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish more people sould read the books again, there is so much detail that thne movies missed, and in my opinion, the books are much better then the movies. Plus more people sould read the books before or after they see the movies. Oh Cinzia, right now I'm where when Bella and Edward are back at Charlie's place. Where are you in the books?

Hi Liz!  I am starting Eclipse Again today.  Enjoy honey, I know I am and you are so so right.  There is 100 times more infor in the books than the movies.  but the movies are great anyway! Have a super new Year everyone!!

Happy New Year to everyone! Hey, Cinzia, I'm also starting Eclipse now, maybe we have the same reading speed, who knows!

Ahhh i need to catch up with you guys!


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