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...That wants more books??I just finished Breaking Dawn last night and LOVED it...but I want more!Do you think SM might continue with the saga later?

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hmm... it may be possible. Steph said that she was actually "burnt out" with vampires. hopefully she'll finish Midnight Sun though. Trust me, i know exactly how you feel, and it's only gonna get worse once you start thinking about it and re-reading the books over and over.
Try reading some fanfictions, that seems to ease the dire need. lol. Or you could write some, like i did, it helped me for sure

btw, have you read the partial draft of Midnight Sun?
No i haven't read it but I heard about it.Where can I find it?

it's a PDF, so you'll have to download it. No biggie, but it works. :)
no problem :)
Me too!It seems like everyone's lives are just beginning at the end of Breaking Dawn!
I am definitely hoping for more... I have read the Saga books two times already and now I am thinking... NOW WHAT? I am not ready for them to end... I am really hoping for Stephanie to finish up Midnight Sun, I love Edward's perspective <3
Me too!I'm reading the partial draft now.Love Edward's perspective!
It's great... It really helps you to understand Edward a little better... <3
Well...The Twilight Saga is my "brand of heroine" and I just can't get enough!!! I've lost count on how many times I've read the books, seen the movies and I've read MS about 4 times now. So YES I'd love another TS book.
LOL, I second that!!
i agree there should be more books. there are still things in the saga that were left unfinished and unanswered. everyones life was just begining in breaking dawn. there should be at least one or two more booksto continue the saga or at least she could continue writing all of the books in edwards point of veiw. i think that would be cool.


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