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While watching Breaking Dawn i noticed something werid about Edward towards Bella. it was more towards the middle and end of the movie but it was like he started reading her mind(which he cant do) i started getting confused! i havent finished reading Breaking Dawn yet(busy,if u comment something about the end dont worry i know what its about) was there like something about he started reading her mind. please try to comment if u noticed this.

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No, I didn't notice it; however, at the end of BD (the book) and what probably will be in BD-2 (the movie) Bella is able to "let Edward see into her memories" (that is all I'll say so I don't give away too much in your reading of this awsome book).

okay thanks. if u ever get a chance to watch Breaking Dawn again u should look. so this would make more sense.

He was not reading Bella's mind he was able to her the baby she was carrying.

oh i know that. i meant before

No, he was listening to her heartbeat.

while carrying the baby or before?

He is not able to read her mind. Somewhere it says that Edward knows her face and can figure out what she says.without her speaking it.

thats probley what i am thinking about. what he was able to do
After You will finish the book, you'll understand that he wasn't reading Bella's mind (I hope You know that the main book have been changed for movie's script). He was reading Renesmee's mind... A little bit weard, I know... But you'll understand...
but i am not talking about while she was carrying the baby i meant before.
Before she's a vampire and her special ability is mind-shield (she can protect herself and another vampires from other vampires' mental abilities- vampires' abilities, excluding Benjamin and his power to Channel the weather). Oh... This will be easier after You finish the book.
okay thanks! and ya i got to get reading(busy lately)


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