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While watching Breaking Dawn i noticed something werid about Edward towards Bella. it was more towards the middle and end of the movie but it was like he started reading her mind(which he cant do) i started getting confused! i havent finished reading Breaking Dawn yet(busy,if u comment something about the end dont worry i know what its about) was there like something about he started reading her mind. please try to comment if u noticed this.

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Sorry, my iPad gets sometimes "crazy"!!!! Power to change*.....
haha i just got an IPad and it been non-crazy (:
... Mine is... Just like me...
ohhhhhmyyyyyy haha

It does kinda seem like that, but he isn't reading her mind. She expresses her feelings and thoughts in detail on her face and he's known her so long and so well that he can pretty much tell what's she's thinking about. Him being able to hear her heart helps a lot, too. It lets him know the basic layout of her emotions, scared, lustful, ect. And when Jasper is around and he feels Bella's emotions, it also gives Edward a better idea of what's going on in her head.

u r probley most likey right. plus hes so into her he is also with her so it must be easy to tell whats wrong

Ya i know what you mean. It was a little strange. I bet they did this for a

its good knowing that u know what i am talking about thanks
I did notice how he was acting to her but since Edward's had time to rad her face its easy to understand why he is acting that way but still is weird
it was werid and comfusing

Well in the book if I recall, he is not reading Bella's thoughts he is reading Renesme's. That is why he asked Bella if she said  something.

yea ur right that did happen in the book and the movie


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