The Twilight Saga

am i the only one who wishes to meet a guy like edward i think it geting out of hand

i think am in love with him and he doesnt exist i need help

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I wouldn't mind meet a man like him myself. Why? We all dream about meeting Mr. Right; stop and think, we all want a guy who is good looking, smart, rich and a little bit bad boy added in fun. We also want the one guy who will sweep us off our feet, who would do anything for you, a knight in shining armor. Unfortunately, life does not always work out that way. That is the great thing about falling in love with a fictional character, they can never hurt you and they will always be perfect in our minds. I don't think there is anything wrong with having a crush on a character from a book, as long as you remember the difference between fact (that he does not exist) and fiction (it is a wonderful dream).
thanks it really helps me
huhuh... thats true... thanks for reminding me that we human do visualize in order to have the best of everything.. just happy with the fact that i love day dreaming...
i really like this reply;)
wow thats deep
beautiful words :-)
its true..thanks for reminding me that i am still "human" that wishes to be a vampire.h my dreams..but i sure do dreaming a bout Edward Cullen:D haha.. as long as i don't drool! aaaWW..that's really embarrassing..anyways..thanks for clearing my mind! :D
Yeah I would like to meet a guy like him but I wouldn't give up a good guy just cuz he's not Edward. And niether should u but he should definetly have some of his qualities.
ha??? where do you eventually find him??? ive been searching like hell...
I want an EDWARD ! xD
are u just lucky or wat


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