The Twilight Saga

am i the only one who wishes to meet a guy like edward i think it geting out of hand

i think am in love with him and he doesnt exist i need help

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oooh :) i'd love to meet a guy like edward, preferrably minus the whole vampire thing though! haha :)
Oh My God, I totally wish I had my own Edward, I know he's not real and all but god if he did exist I'd soooo want him :)
thats so true edward would be the perfect man to have but dont turn down a bunch of great guys just cuz their not exactly like edward yeah i want someone like edward most definetely
i truly wish, i pray(lol), that i meat a guy like edward!!!!!!!!!just like him!!!!!
i want MY EDWARD!!!!!!!
edward is from the early 1900's where they had manners and were gentlemen and spoke eloquently... those men do not exist anymore!
You got that right...chivary is dead. Men just don't do those kind of things anymore like open doors for you, offer you a seat in a crowded room or pull a chair out for you at a table. It would be nice if guy who watch the movie or read the book and would take a hint on the way a lady likes to be treated.
i love EDWARD but i love ROB PATTZ MORE he brings a lot 2 edward i would love 2 meet the man behind edward
I feel like I need help too. To compare real men to a character from a book is just sad in my mind, but Edward IS real to me. I feel it's even more sad to give up a chance at finding my Edward so as long as I have Edward in my life through the Twilight Series.
i sooo know what you mean
i do to... i need help i have dreams tht im bella swan and i have her life including her edward
I have the same problem :(
lol i know that feeling. when i read the book i had to keep myself in them because the books were better than reality. It made me start thinking about how much better my husband could be. (rocky roads) but i have to keep telling myself they are just characters in a persons head. they are not real as mush as i soooo wish they were!!


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