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am i the only one who wishes to meet a guy like edward i think it geting out of hand

i think am in love with him and he doesnt exist i need help

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yup i am tottaaaaaaaaaaaallly in love with him and ive got my eyes open for anyone that is like him but ia m not having any luck with that. i think we all need help and they need to do edward cullen medications because many people are getting this disease but hopefully i find my own edward cullen :)
no ur not alone. i want an edward also.
This particular Edward isn't out there for us, he's with Bella, but there are plenty of really great guys around, however hard it is to find them. I think it is always good to keep optimistic and an open mind and open heart, and one day your Edward (or someone close) might walk into your life.
I remember when I was finishing high school and about to go abroad for a year, I was obsessed with Leonardo di Caprio for years. One day before leaving my mum said to me, "You never know, you might find your Leonardo over there...". Six months later, in this foreign country I was visiting (France) my Leo walked into my life. That was 10 years ago and we're still happy together. He is not Edward, I dream about Edward too, but I know that I have as close as I will get right here at home, and it is possible for every girl out there. So never give up! And in the mean time, keep dreaming of Edward, just don't rule out every potential guy just cause he's not Edward! xxx
ur not alone :D im in love with him too!!!!!
but the thing is... im not waiting to meet a guy like him... im waiting for him! lol x
no u are not the only one who wishes they could meet someone like Edward. Even I wish that and I have a boyfriend who hates twilight because it takes up so much of my attention. I love to read and he hates to read I geuse that he is really,really,really jellouse of the books because I hardly stop talking about them.
Me to i always thing about him to calm my self i read good old Twlight
no ,, i do ,too!!! their very few out there thought,,,
me too but you shouldnt ask me im mentally disturbed
don't worry you're not the only one if I had an Edward, my life would be complete lol
Don't worry, you are not alone. I've only recently discovered Edward and The Twilight Saga, and have been reminded several times about being loved like he loves Bella by a couple of men from my past. I only wish I could conjur Edward up out of thin air... then I might be able to breathe a little easier. At least you can escape from reality for a little while and read the books or watch the movies. Coming back to reality is the hardest part. But when you are least expecting it, someone very much like Edward may come into your life, and when he does, it will leave you breathless.
You're not the only one who's in love with Edward/Rob.I keep dreaming and imaging that he's here with me.Well,i guess i am not that lucky.I'll be dreaming about him every single day.I live in a country where there is no possibility.I live in Suriname,a country in south-america,so very far away from my dream-man.That sucks!!!
hi everyone...i am new to this site but i can tell you that since 2008 i am wishing for a guy like Edward...Actually me and my friends call him The can imagine why...Its not the fact that his a vampire or that he is rich, its only the fact that he adores Bella so much...i would love to be in her position...he is so tender and caring and handsome!!!!i have to say...Edward i love you!


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