The Twilight Saga

hello everyone. As bella said once, "Edward is a drug and I am an addict". if you think you are edward addicted too join in. We will talk about our dreams, hopes and worries (edward related ofcource)

So, lets start. 
Hello, my name is Julija an I am an Edward addict :)

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hi my name is bell and i am addicted to edward cullen
hi my name is Koreena and i am an edward addict :P he is like soooo GORGEOUS!!
Hi! My name is Erin and I am an Edward Cullen addict (and proud of it LOL) Someday I hope to meet Robert! Or at least see him in person.
OMG that would be like a dream come true!
i know right? rob.. *sighs*
Hello everyone; My name is Noa and I'm an Edward Cullen addicted ,
and Robsessed ! <3
Hey, AEAC members :) Let's describe our love for Edward in one word.
I'll start. My love for Edward is passionate
my word for my love for Eddie is... Crazy <33
hello everyone im kim and im Edward addicted and Robsessed and im loving every moment of it.. my friends and boyfriend thinks im crazy and going over board but i just love every moment of the books and movies.....
My boyfriend and friends think so too, but I don't care. Love Edward :)


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