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hey team edward and the other teams do ya'll think that stephine meyer should add another book to the twlight saga

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Hmm not sure if it would be overkill???
I also hope she finishes Midnight Sun. The great thing about it is she could do a whole new series just from his point of view. I would love that!
i hope so:)
me too
I would like to see another book connected to the Twilight Saga, but not in the same style. I would love to see midnight sun finished or what happens in Nessie's life, or something like that...
Absolutely !!! I think that she should just keep making the books. I would LOVE IT !!! and I think that alot of other people would too. I wish she would finish Midnight Sun first and then maybe go from there. It would be interesting to see Edwards prospective in all of the books
So agree with you! I would love to hear his side on all even if we know what happens in the end it would just be awsome to hear his side! Aslong as it is Edward I dont care about anything else!!!
of course.....but it should be from edwards point of view....rather than a continuation....i would read it and it would be good.
hey when i first started reading the saga i couldnt stop ... like i would literally miss it... if theres another book i sure as hell will buy it... Steph is a great writer and i would love to know more about what happens to Nessie and Jakes relationship...
i think just to wrap up the jacob/ renesame angle
continuing Midnight Sun would be a grateful idea, she owes it to Edward
I hope she does... I just cant get enough!!! lol


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