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hey team edward and the other teams do ya'll think that stephine meyer should add another book to the twlight saga

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I would like to see Midnight sun be finished and then maybe more books leading from that.
Yes please! I think there are A LOT more stories left to tell!!! and I would really love it!!!
yeah she was then someone spilled the first 12 chapters so she stopped but i think she is going to wait a few years when every one has forgot about it so fingers crossed
I think she should
I totally luv all the books..but i would say no just becuz i think it was perfect just the way she left it =)
ABSOLUTELY!!! However, from her interviews it seems as if she wants to do something else. Maybe she might change her mind. I certainly hope so.
I wish she would add more than 1 book like 20 lol.
Yes and No; i think it was meant to have a happy ending but i wouldn't mind if she did. I still think she should finish Midnight Sun ASAP
umm kinda... but i think it igreat the way it is.. but i would read it if she did do another book..
Hell yes.
HELL YESSSSS!!!!, I need more!!!


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