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We all have read the series from cover to cover, but have we really even tried to understand what was on the cover. I did and I have a problem understanding New Moons cover, what are your opinions on the book cover?


Its the forbidden fruit forbidden love.

New Moon



Its both the loves of her life tearing her life apart, choosing between them hurts her that is why the color red.

Breaking Dawn

Is Bella being the one who saves them all, the queen who comes on top.

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new moon is the flower losing color, which is how bella is losing edward but the remaining color is how jacob is there for her
i think it has to do with the fact that bella is with jacob pretty much through out. it shows the feather cause he is an Indian
I love everyone's opinion, its so good to have an extra brain to understand the cover.
i always wondered this question but I went to STEPHENIEMEYER.COM and click on F.A.Q. ... and answered my question.. the apple represents evil and goodness .... BREAKING DAWN means that bella started out as a paw, weak and helpless and then she becomes a big chess piece cause she saves them from the volutui... i dont know what th others mean
it is like a flower dying... with no sun or water there is no flower... there is no bella with no edward.
Oh that makes since cuz Bella said Edward is her sun so with no sun the flower withers and dies
New moon is a bleeding flower, and the one pedal that is falling is the only one that is covered in blood, because that symbolizes her pain when Edward left her
breaking dawn is the  one that made the most sence to me. it can mean a lot of things. i've heard the queen is bella and the pawn is renesmee. but i almost look at it as leaving her old life behind for this great new powerful existance. i see it as the pawn being the clumsey, weak, self proclaimed insignificant and plain looking mortal life to being powerful, beautiful being with her king by her side and her little princess in her arms. 
yea The red pawn was bella when she was human ( weak and helpless ) and then she becomes a queen ( powerful  ) because she is a vampire and she saves them all from the volituri... belive me Stephenie meyer even said so on her website go to F.A.Q.
I don't think I've ever read that, but I'm glad I interpreted it right. :-) yeah me

New Moon, it looks like a cross between a feather and a flower with blood.  There is a part in the movie where Carlisle has sewn up Bella's arm and then goes to burn the bloody tissue in a bowl and the screenshot of the blood with the tissue reminded me of the book cover.  Like they did the scene with edward catching the apple in twilight. 


Maybe the feather relates to Jacob and a flower edward?

That's a very nice point to consider! Is there something like that in Eclipse movie....


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