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We all have read the series from cover to cover, but have we really even tried to understand what was on the cover. I did and I have a problem understanding New Moons cover, what are your opinions on the book cover?


Its the forbidden fruit forbidden love.

New Moon



Its both the loves of her life tearing her life apart, choosing between them hurts her that is why the color red.

Breaking Dawn

Is Bella being the one who saves them all, the queen who comes on top.

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I think New Moon is the loss of a great love.
i think the cover in breaking dawn means that the queen which is bella will risk her own life just to protect the little pawn which is renesmee cause there no other left able to protect renesmee but the powerful queen

I think that the petal that is falling resembals EDWARD. and the petal is a part of her and shes just lost it

this is good way to say it.
I always thought New Moon's picture was kind of depressing (which I guess fits the story). A wilting flower could represent the result of loss (as Lisa said) and sorrow. A dying flower... It's sad to see something so beautiful falling apart.
OMG the way you said that got me crying I never thought about it like that its so sad, but a good answer.

that was a way better explanation than mine XD


I never thought about the covers until I saw this post. But they are all dramatic for a reason. Which ever the reason the covers fit the books.

@Sam Jones

XD I think there could be many interpretations. I like the one little petal representing Edward too. (It also looks like a drop of blood dripping off the white petals.)

it`s more like begin of new love. and at the same time your falling apart. just like in the movie they are so in love and suddenly your broken apart and heart broken and you find new love but your bleeding inside out. there is a lot of way but i think i hit the nail on the head.

If it helps I always related Bella to the bloody tulip. When Edward leaves her he takes away everything that mattered to her with him, he left a drain lifeless Bella to wither. As she has says countless times she needs Edward in order to survive, she needs him more than air itself and when he's gone even as she is supposely alive she's left bleeding and she's a withered flower, a shadow of what beauty she once held. The petal falling apart to me makes it seems as if the flower is bleeding, deeply hurt... But that is just my opinion! Hope you find it fitting.


Love always




PS: Plus, don't ask me why it has always been this way, everytime I look at that lonely red petal it reminds me of a drop of blood and that immediately makes me think of the part where she cuts her finger and Jazz attacks her. Nothing to do with the subject, just a fun fact to share hahaha.

thanks for that ps note, but it was a really good explanation. I love everyone's opinion it gives me a lot to think about.


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