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I was reading an article from this morning that Breaking Dawn 2 will have a different ending that the book. Your thoughts?

I'm upset but curious, does this lead to Stephenie writing more? Or is this the push Sumit is doing to create mini series or more movies with.
Please share I'm going nuts!

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there is acyually no due date as to when she will finish the book, but she is soposed to be writing it now and i hope she finishes it SOON!


I gathered as much from the movie trailer , it looks as though they are having a fight scene in the meadow, and that Aro might actually be killed. It's making me very curious.

i know right? it isnt at all like the book.

yeah i really hope they sick with the original plot, but i honestly wouldn't mind it if they killed Aro.


You know Stephenie. Just like what happened to Midnight Sun., she'll stop writing about what's really next when somebody was able to leak even just a bit of info. :)

I was able to get ahold of a magazine and they have added a scene, but no more twilight shall be done according to Mrs Meyer. I am hoping she gets MS done and published so we twiliters can read everything from Edwards point of view. Oh my.

Well if you have seen both of the trailers for Breaking Dawn Part 2, you'll notice that one has Edward swining Bella around and she hits one of the Volturi. This maybe hints to me that since they did not fight in the book, but they did in that trailer maybe that means a different ending. Guess we will all just have to wait and see!


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