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what do u think bout this??? it had me thinking when oprah asked rob whether he was dating kristen or not and he jus said that" kristen is pregnant" and took and distracted oprah.i mean wat was the need. he could have simply said "NO".

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I thought they were going to just kill the rumor, so unless they are really dating why deflect then Oprah realized they weren't going to answer and just kept going.
that is what made me start this discussion!!! so u agree with me that they are dating
I don't know if they are dating or not, but in past interviews Kristen has said that they both realize it doesn't matter of they confirm or deny dating. No matter what they say it won't make a difference so they don't answer. If they say no, no one will believe them. If they say yes they will never get a moments peace. I for one hope they never tell because they are regular people who happen to be famous, but they still deserve all the privacy they can get.
so u feel they might be dating????
I believe that they are dating and that they are great together. If they are together they are together if not they are not. They deserve to be happy who ever they are with.
you are right..........thanx
Rob couldn't simply say no. He's said NO many, many times already and nobody is willing to take no for an answer. So he makes it into a joke because seriously, they've answered that question so many times and every single time they've just said they're only friends no one has believed them.

Just a few weeks ago at the end of April rumors surfaced that he and Kristen are engaged and he explicitly told that they are NOT engaged, that he doesn't know where the rumors start from, that Kristen is his friend and that he enjoys working with her because he feels that working with her forces him to raise his acting level. So he's just denied the dating/engagement rumors three weeks ago and here is Miss Oprah thinking that she has the right to pry into their private lives AGAIN and ask about the same old rumors. If they wanted anyone to know their personal lives, they'd talk about it. They don't, and I wish the media would just respect that. But simply saying no, they're not dating, doesn't work. Because the media keeps asking anyway. So he has no other option than to make a joke about it.
I agree with your answer 100%. They have said "NO" numerous times and nobody wants to hear it. To me it sounds like they (the media) take certain aspects from the films and try to turn them into real life scenarios (idk id I spelled that right), anyway, take for instance, the rumor of Rob proposing to Kristin "countless" times....How many times did they rehearse the proposal scene for the movie? Of course he proposed to Edward to Bella. The media then twists the whole thing around to make it look like it's Rob proposing to Kristin. But people are so easy to fool.....
I agree with you both. They (media) need to keep their noses out and let them have a private life. Just because they're good together, it doesn't mean they are dating or that they do fancy each other. It just means that they work well together!
u r absolutely right.....the media jus play with them!!!!!
thats always u convince me!!!! thanx again!!!!
I agree wit you too! It isn't our business, but who doesn't want to know! I don't think she is pregnant, but in one interveiw, they were asked what they were looking forward to in BD, and Kristen said getting pregnant. Taylor turned round and said ''by Rob'' and Kristen said 'Oh yeh'. Rob replied : I don't mind! So maybe they are dating. I don't know, but as long as they are happy, who cares?


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