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what do u think bout this??? it had me thinking when oprah asked rob whether he was dating kristen or not and he jus said that" kristen is pregnant" and took and distracted oprah.i mean wat was the need. he could have simply said "NO".

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Where is this information coming from and can you scan the article in so that we can read it too?? Engaged????? Now that says it all!! I figured that was going to happen or had but are you sure!!

Except it will be The Pattinson and Stewart wedding!!! I so do hope its true because they make such a beautiful couple!!
i agree with you!!!!
I read somewhere that Kristen is the one who wants to be all hush about it. Robert doesnt mind being open about it. Which I dont know why she would want to trip like that. They look great together. I would welcome the haters!
Here's a spanner in the works from the Water For Elephant web site

And what about Pattinson’s rumored girlfriend Kristin Stewart? It turns out, that may have just been a rumor after all.

“Rob is not dating anyone. There are no plans for Kristin Stewart to visit the set and he tells everyone he is single,” the insider said. “Rob is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, he reads the Internet and pays attention to what people are saying. He is sharp and aware of everything. He’ll do the ‘Eclipse’ premieres and then focus 100 percent on Reese and ‘Water for Elephants.’ It’s like entering a whole new world for him.”

Could “Elephants” help turn Pattinson, 24, and Witherspoon, 34, into Hollywood’s latest June-September romance?
Thanks for posting this Noodles, I'm so sick to death of fighting the stupid "Kristen's pregnant/their engaged/they bought a house together/she's jealous because he went to a strip club" nonsense about Rob and Kristen.

I don't like that they're already trying to link him romantically to Reese though. How ridiculous! Why would they become the latest June-September romance, just because they're filming a movie together? By that token, Rob would have to be dating Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Uma Thurman, and any number of other female costars right?

His private life is private, can't we just respect that he wants it that way?
Exactly and I thought the Reese thing was far fetched too, and he's been linked with so many females its getting ridiculous! Poor Rob, does he ever get a minutes peace, oh yes probably when he's actually filming, the only time where he can just get on with the acting job!
u r right.....
Just leave them alone! If they want to tell us, they will tell.
thats right....i am sorry for starting this discussion!!!!
I for one would be really happy and excited for them if they were dating. But, I always feel so bad for them when they get harrassed and followed everyday no matter where they go. If they don't want to talk about it, then they don't have to..Imagine being in that really annoying situation when people keep telling others that you like someone that you really don't like ..or maybe you do like that person, but people spreading rumors is still annoying. Except imagine it being a thousand times worse since Rob and Kristen get followed by paparazzi everywhere they go. I wish they could just have some peace, maybe if they had peace, they would tell if they are together or not.
i agree with you...


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