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what do u think bout this??? it had me thinking when oprah asked rob whether he was dating kristen or not and he jus said that" kristen is pregnant" and took and distracted oprah.i mean wat was the need. he could have simply said "NO".

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u r right.....
Just leave them alone! If they want to tell us, they will tell.
thats right....i am sorry for starting this discussion!!!!
I agree! We're just speculating here!! That's all!!
I for one would be really happy and excited for them if they were dating. But, I always feel so bad for them when they get harrassed and followed everyday no matter where they go. If they don't want to talk about it, then they don't have to..Imagine being in that really annoying situation when people keep telling others that you like someone that you really don't like ..or maybe you do like that person, but people spreading rumors is still annoying. Except imagine it being a thousand times worse since Rob and Kristen get followed by paparazzi everywhere they go. I wish they could just have some peace, maybe if they had peace, they would tell if they are together or not.
i agree with you...
Now that i think about it seems that Kristen is the only one who doesn't like the idea of it getting out. I remember when i saw some awards show where Rob and Kristen won best kiss award for Twilight, and he was going to kiss her..but then all of a sudden she backed away and rejected him! That was cold. Seriously, if they are together, she must not love him that much if she wouldn't kiss him in public because she was afraid of what people would say and to keep her image up.. Poor Rob.
i feel bad 4 saying this... but i REALLY hope they're not dating
i love him 2 much lmao!!!

they have sed they're dating now.... but apparently they were arguing well bad at the eclipse rehearsals and filming

so maybe they're splitting up... hope so lol
i agree...

some things have 2 b kept private.. simple as
hmmm not sure wat to say 2 tht....


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