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Nope they are not just in the movie.
The only ones to know if they are engaged, dating one another or living together. There is a lot of speculation. In fact some say they are together. Nobody knows but those two. Sorry not meaning to sound like a witch. I am about to go big (I hope) and I would rather people not know for sure what I am doing. Neither one has said yes they are dating, living together or engaged. All put speculation. The only thing to have been said by  either one is. Rob. "Stay the #$%^ out of my private life."
I think so!!!!!!!!

I think . I know they are dating.

If anyone watched Ellen a couple of weeks Rob said the priest that was performing in the movie was real. Not that there actually married just wanted to mention it.

they are dating since 2009, it was confirmed by kristen stewart herself. but she just slipped so she finally admitted it this year.

Do not know if they are engaged yet but according to In touch mag this week there is a article saying Rob plans to marry Kristen by the end of the year and there will  be a private ceremonyon the Isle of Wright as to where they spend a lot of time together. They do have a apartment together in Notting Hills England since Kristen spends alot of time there because of filming for snow white. Rob always has said Kristen was the one as he fell for her on the first Twilight during the scene at the prom which he brings up alot. Ir is not so much speculation anymore as there are photos all over the net of the 2 of them together outside there apartment and the apartment was also seen on TV. I do believe he will propose to her on Christmas. 

acctually the magazine doent have the full scoop on my cousin and secondly they are engagged and married he told us to keep our mouths shut so he coud break the news and we did and he gave the news

woah they got married? sense when?


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