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I am an obsessed TwiMOM and I jsut wanted to find out how many others were here on Team Edward and if there are any that are as excited to see NewMoon as I am!! Sometimes I feel a little crazy, but I love having something to be so passionate about!!! Tell me your story!!!

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I was a late bloomer also!! I really had no desire to see the movie at first. Than I was bored one night and there was nothing on TV so I watched it and the rest is history. Now I have read the books numerous times and watched the movie countless times!!
I'm a TwiMom too! :)
I am a TwiMama too!!! My kids, ages 9, 7 and 4, also love the Twilight movie. They, of course, have not read any of the books, but we watch the movie at least once a week together. And for my birthday this year, my oldest sister, my 13 year old neice, and I are going to the New Moon movie for my birthday!!!!
How Cool! I am 39 ( a young 39..LOL) and I have 7 kids! A daughter 20 and 19 and sons ages 17, 11, 9, 4 and 3!! We all love Twilight to!! Fantast land is great!!
TwiMom here!

haha, so Twimom as you call 25 and my daughter is 2, im Robsessed too, i like Edward! well, the only thing im here in this it's really fun to be here, meet new friends and know more and more about Twilight! i feel like im back from my teenage living with fantasy isn't bad.

TwiMoms rock!!
i am a twimom... and proud of
I was just talking about this last night!! I'm a Twi-step-mom....I'm absolutely obsessed!!! My husband thinks I'm nuts!! My girls?? They want NOTHING to do with Twilight!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? **SIGH** Maybe they've just seen how completely CRAZED I am and decided they were going to have none of that!! LOL.....Oh well..Maybe one day they'll see the light!! ;-)
i am a diehard twihard!! i got 3 kids and they know the movies and books covers now because they are arownd so much! wow so i am a twimom too? cool
hey girl welcome to da club i feel crazy in love all the time since before edward came out on da big screen i borrowed the twilight book from a friend then i saw the movie n became fully passionate n now i have the whole set of books n i enjoy reading the chapters to my girls were all on opposite teams i have a 12 yr old who is team jacob my 9yr old is team switzerland n i am of course team edward so in shot to answer your question no u r not the only twimom out there "smiles hugs n kisses"
I am a twimom and my daughter also thinks i am obsessed with twilight i am trying to get her to understand why it has just captured me and pulled me into the twilight world.
It is crazy but i think we have to to have some outlet from the mundane
i am completely engrossed in this world and i can not wait for new moon to come out on dvd so i can watch it again and again as i have with twiligh my husband does not understand how i can watch a film over and over agin like i have with twilight and not get bored
Hey he is a man and i don't think he will ever understand he does enjoy the films and will come with me to see eclipse when that comes out.


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