The Twilight Saga

I Bet not!!!!!! Do you have every single cardboard-cutout, action figure, movie, or pictures imagiable?!?!?!?!?!?!? Do you know every single fact bout Twilight??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? If you are then respond and prove it!!!!!!(if you can)

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me 2 :(
*reads again the WHOLE list*
You are so...
Holy crap!!!!!!
Ok no offense, but being too obsessed, makes you look kinda crazy....
i agree with u there..that is a little over board....i love edward and twilight but damn..
I know right....
im a team edward twiFan with best friends Anti-Twilight. Try that - having 2 hide all pens from my room b4 allowing them in (most of them scream when they enter into my walls of edward - more than 20 posters on my walls & door & i havent put up my new ones yet & i have a TINY room)
i get insulted ENUF (in a friendly way) if i talk about edward, rob or twilight in front of my anti-twilight or team JACOB friends). Have u tried any of this? NO i dont own the dolls cos i dont think they look ANYWHERE near enuf 2 rpattz's perfect-ness. NO I dont own cut outs cos there aint enuf room in my bedroom. YES i have a signed pic, magazines, shirts imported from US to UK, etc...
Im as crazy a twiFan as u can get with friends dead set against the idea. I am a constant debate with both my best friends and half the boys in my year at school weather or not Twilight really does RULE - duh yes it does. I dont think many ppl could beat the number of times ive read each book (yeah ive forced myslef 2 even re read the JACOB parts of new moon) beat that 4 a twiFan win anti-Twi friends x i walk around school with a chorus of "Twilight Suck's" being shouted behind me.
Hi guys anyone who loves Edward can join this site! The best part is no1 is allowed to say anything mean about Edward!

Visit Edward lovers
um thats a no then, i love the saga, but have tried to put edward posters up in the house but hubby complained, and said i needed to grow up!! i am 39 years old so i guess he had a point. LOL
Yes i agree fight back!!!!!!!!!
Grow up, my foot! Has he even read the books? If not, he has no basis to criticize. He should take a big healthy dose of "grow up and support your spouse in her interests." I'm about your age, my sweetie is 54, and he has never once said I should grow up. In fact, he's the one who bought me my Edward posters (and he helped me hang them too!) I bet your hubby has interests that you don't share--do you tell him to get over them? I'm guessing not.

There are people on this site as old as 92 (that's the oldest I've encountered here) and guess what? I'm guessing he wouldn't be telling them to grow up! Twilight isn't just for teens and tweens. They are marketed as young adult books, but they actually have a lot of moral, ethical, and psychological themes that speak to adults on a completely different level than they do to teens. If he hasn't read the books, he really is ridiculous to even make a comment like "grow up" about your interest in something he really knows nothing about.

My 80 year old mother in law is the one who introduced me to the book--I can guarantee she doesn't need to grow up. You can tell your hubby that if he thinks it's for teens, he should come on the site here and meet all the adults who would beg to argue that point with him.

No offense to you, I'm sure he has other redeeming qualities that you love. I just don't agree that he has a point--you are never too old to celebrate love, and that is the biggest message of the books.


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