The Twilight Saga

I Bet not!!!!!! Do you have every single cardboard-cutout, action figure, movie, or pictures imagiable?!?!?!?!?!?!? Do you know every single fact bout Twilight??!?!?!?!?!?!?!!? If you are then respond and prove it!!!!!!(if you can)

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well not that obssessed not to be mean it have to save money although i think i own every magazine involing twilight and new moon
Lol. Same here.
twiiliight saga iis GREAT but that sounds liike you have no REAL liife lol
OMG! u are totally obsessed Bitten-By-Edward! I didn't even know that they made tht much twilight stuff!!!! And I thought I was obsessed!!!!!
Your very close bitten-by-edward (and by close i think really close) I think i have one more t-shirt than you but thats really it. I congragulate you. I have no life and (no offences) seems like u dont either. add me cuz i think we can have no life together! love that your just as obsessed as i am!!!!!!!!!! >,...,< (vampire face)
ps(i didnt think any one besides me would look that deeply into what type of cars they had!!!!lol good job!!!!) actually considering getting a volvo as my next car the volvo from new moon :D

who had? if your talking about the cullens then i know

rosalie- bmw-red


edwrd- volvo-silver

carlisle/esme- mersades-black

bella { as a vamp}- ferrari

jacob- rabbit volkswagon-red

charlie- police cruiser-white

bella { as a human}- chevy truck-red

WoW! Im not that Obssessed... i Love Robert / Edward! but all i have is a lunch box and a as a gag gift which is a coffee mug with him and kristen with my face replacing kristen's for christmas and maybe a magazine or 2 .. but Damn Girl! you gotta get out more " Bitten-by-Edward "

But dont get me wrong im pretty obsessed..
i'm totally obsessed but i only have 1 team jacob t-shirt with jakes face, 1 jacob poster, and 1 twilight eclipse poster. read @ least 2 twilight books a week, laugh and cry at jacobs humorous remarks, and dream about twilight. and dudes in my class. but mostly twilight
i am really obsessed, but i agree with the otherss on this one. Plus i really odn't think you need all that stuff just to prove your a twilight fan at heart!
wow totally obsessed! I am 2 but I don't have nearly as much things as you do. I live in the caribbean and they don't sell twilight things where I'm from so I have to order online. I have some stuff but wish I had more like you but I don't have the money to order all the time or trust me I would have completely everything! Although you have more things we are either as obsessed alike or I'm still more obsessed. Although I only have twilight calendars, the tilight saga hard backs, an edward and bella charm bracelet, the keychain n stuff I know a lot more. I know all the character's real names for the important ones I know their names and ages and where they are from what year they were born etc. Actual details about them. I stay home all day everyday and is on the computer watching deleted scenes and the making of the movies and behind the scenes. I know the twilight movie by heart. the words perfectly! I've watched any and every interview about twilight. Did over 200 twilight quizes. I follow up on everything twilight. No one would watch the movies with me because I will be saying everything they say :) Everyone around me is annoyed because I talk about twilight constantly. Once I'm behind the computer it's about twilight and I'm on the computer everyday for hours. There is a lot more and you have no idea! I JUST LOVE OFF THE TWILIGHT SAGA!!! definitely
whoaaaa!! awesome, u rock!! wish i could get all of this stuff... but I live in India and all of this isn't available here :(.... however i got my cousin in US to bring me a twilight calendar, at least . but way to go, girl !!


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