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I am older than Robert Pattinson by 6 years.. hope that doesn't make me "bad" but he's just so gorgeous, AND he recently stated in a interview that age doesn't matter *wink* ;)

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i'm younger than robert..but i still like him..even i'm just 16 years old..

well..for edward cullen..his older than me..well..he's 17 forever..and i'm going to be 17 next year..though i don't care about that..he's really my dream guy..oh yeah..were the same zodiac sign..gemini..
i am 18 so i am younger then rob
I'm a few months younger than him but we were born the same year=)
I'm 6 years older than Rob too! ^^
Still, the one I'm in love with is Edward...
Naww!! Want one for Xmas!! ^^'
I'm 31 and think hes a doll....a girl can dream can't she?
Just turned 16, so I'm almost ready for Edward! Love ya too Rob! Age doesn't matter!
hello ladies n gents i'm one of those 30 year olds 5ft 112lbs that looks like a 20 something year old and i would't be surprised if a 20 something year old would ask me out and later when he found out my age he would say "age doesn't matter" and just to be exact i'm 20 ten!!!!!!!! ;D lol
Well im 20 so not much younger than him. My fiancee is the same age as him so i can totally have a crush on him and not feel guilty about being too young or old lol
I am 1 year younger than Robert, 5 years older than Edward.
I am older than edward by two years:) But that's okay...cuz bella was one year older than him
Im younger than Rob, im 21 and older than Edward... but if I think about existance... Edward is older than all of us lol
My son is 4 years older than he and my daughter 2 years older - so yeah I'm Older. I think he is gorgeous and is I were younger....; however I think of him more like my own children and want to protect him and give him a place to find some peace. (and stare at him of course).


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