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I am older than Robert Pattinson by 6 years.. hope that doesn't make me "bad" but he's just so gorgeous, AND he recently stated in a interview that age doesn't matter *wink* ;)

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no offense 2 rob..but i heard he slept with every gurl on set of twilight..thaz kristen iz with him..eewww..he doesnt do justice 4 edward cullen..but he can play the part.they complete opposites..that sort of turned me off 2 edward..
Yes! better know the Good Gossips......
I dont think he slept with EVERY girl just Bella & Rose lol
There is no way that is true. He just doesn't seem like that kind of guy.
Hope you don't believe everyting you hear only 1/2 of what you see; but to each his own. I think Robert looks just like the descripbion of Edward in the book.
Age doesn't matter baby!
im 19 so im younger than robert and I think he meant that age doesnt matter as long as that person is legal u know over 18.
Hey, a Married woman can pretend you know???
I mean he could like any age as long as theres not under 18 heck you never know he might date a 40 year old at his age. but I doubt he would date a 15 year old
yes, especially if that 40 woman just look like 25! lol
I would HOPE he wouldnt date a 15 yr old. I give him Much more credit than that and I dont even know the guy! But I see what your saying :)
Yeah I hope he doesnt neither Im sure Robert is not a pedophile and as long as your over 18 you have a shot well maybe not really but a girl can dream.


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