The Twilight Saga

Heyy I made these cool pics/word clouds and I was wondering what everyone thinks. Feel free to use them for whatever. First I have these word clouds which are here: Sorry i couldnt post them directly here. (Oh and the pic named "werewolbe" is suppose to be werewolves but I accidentally typed that in and I really liked it so i didnt want to restart)


I also have this:


i thought it was really cute :) Tell me what you think!

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This is awesome what a wonderful job.

Thanks everyone! Did you check out the link too? If you do make sure you scroll down and click "older" because there are 3 more (Edward <3, The Twilight Saga, and the Volturi) on the next page! Tell what ya thinkkk!


Omg well thats just really cool. I have a bunch of them hung up right over my book shelf. Glad everyone enjoys them!!

This is way cool......... love it!
I love them!  if u don't mind i am going to put them in my album on facebook and put u as the person who made them!

Thats really nice of you guys but you dont have too. My real name is Alex so idk if putting renesmee on it would look weird but you can do whatever you want :)


well thank you! hahaha

...nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totally love it!!!!!!!!!

This looks really nice.

Thankks!!!! Just made this one yesterday


Wow This is really beautiful! Great Job!!!


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