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Heyy I made these cool pics/word clouds and I was wondering what everyone thinks. Feel free to use them for whatever. First I have these word clouds which are here: Sorry i couldnt post them directly here. (Oh and the pic named "werewolbe" is suppose to be werewolves but I accidentally typed that in and I really liked it so i didnt want to restart)


I also have this:


i thought it was really cute :) Tell me what you think!

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thanks everyone!
thats awesome!!

dis is mind-blowin.. i lked d creativity.. :))

Nicely done! This must have taken some time.
The word clouds actually took the longest. The 2 pics above ^^ i made with this program I have. Once I get a picture and decide what words i want it pretty much does the work for me :) thanks though
yes always take credit for ur creations and u will get that from me!  i will put both names!!!!
i love the one of robert is friggin awesome u r the best!
Hahaah thats my favorite :)
Im actually getting a gallery on TFG (group that was formally on this site but is now moved) where i can showcase all of these ^^ and people can request pics!
This is the coolist pic I have seen
Must have took you forever

this is the link to my gallery! If anyone is interested join FreeWriters and Readers! and then join the Twilight Fantasy Graphics group! You can even request graphics from all the gallerys including mine!


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