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Okay, this is a little awkward! Okay, very awkward! But I just have to ask!

I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a Twilight Fan, too, and she posed this really awkward, but well-deserving question. So I decided to create this discussion to ask you guys what you think, because honestly I have no answer whatsoever.

So here is my question: Vampires are frozen in time, right? So their bodily functions are virtually non-existent. They don't eat so they don't digest, they can't produce tears, they don't 'visit the bathroom' and so on. So, how was Bella able to conceive a child? I mean, isn't the production of semen one of those bodily functions?

I hope you have an answer because no matter how many times I've thought this over I still come up empty!

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Sure it was, but not completely! Some pretty important details were left out. Thanks anyway for taking the time to answer!
omigod im getting a crack out of this conversation sorry ppl but seriously yeah
Who doesn't!! It's a pretty valid point and I still can't stop thinking it's hilarious!!!
Georgia, I have asked that in my mind, like ALL THE TIME! I guess they are only frozen in time. Every other "bodily" thing is well functioning. I don't exactly have the most correct answer, but this is well, my most best guess.
Every opinion counts! Your explanation didn't even occur to me!

I agree with Seth on the other hand


Just figured out was "seminal fluids" and what "human ovum" is. I'll give a little uhh.. hint. The seminal fluid is in a male's sperm, and a human ovum is in females. I think you know now...

Ignore my comment that says " I agree with Seth on the other hand"


I never thought the venom could have something to do with it! Nice!
because A girl vampire cant get pregnant because when ur pregnant ur body has to change and since female vampires bodys cant change they cant get pregnant but a boy vampires body doesn't have to change to get a girl pregnant....
Good point!
i think that is the best answer yet


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