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Okay, this is a little awkward! Okay, very awkward! But I just have to ask!

I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a Twilight Fan, too, and she posed this really awkward, but well-deserving question. So I decided to create this discussion to ask you guys what you think, because honestly I have no answer whatsoever.

So here is my question: Vampires are frozen in time, right? So their bodily functions are virtually non-existent. They don't eat so they don't digest, they can't produce tears, they don't 'visit the bathroom' and so on. So, how was Bella able to conceive a child? I mean, isn't the production of semen one of those bodily functions?

I hope you have an answer because no matter how many times I've thought this over I still come up empty!

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And still the semen has to be extracted within a specific time span after death because it dies, too, if the body is dead right?
Haha actually your not the only one to think about this. I have many times and its kinda a mystery to me too, but obviously SM thought about it logically before writing the story, i mean she is an amazing author. They dont make slips like that
I guess you're right, but you have to consider the possibility that she's a human being, too, and we all make mistakes. I'll admit it's a bit farfetched, but still....
ok, we just assume they don't have other bodily functions. they get hungry and their nurishment wears off so they must have at least some. in true blood they cry tears and in interview with the vampire they are able to cry real tears, but "louie" (brad pitt) said they cry maybe once in a century. they have sex so they can get horney. they do have some bodily functions, i guess just not all of  the ones that we do. we just assume that they don't have to use the restroom. would you really want to believe that you need air freshiner after edward left the lavitory? who wan'ts to believe he can clear a room with their gas?
LOL!!!! OMG you had me rolling on the flour with laughter!!! And you're totally right! Who could picture that? I certainly don't want to!!!
The problem lies in the conception not in the pregnacy or the birth of Renesmee.
I know this comment isn't at all useful, but just wanted to say thanx 4 makin me giggle with ths discussion! x
Usefulness is subjective! The point of every discussion is to have fun discussing every possible angle of our favorite books including the ones that make us giggle!!!!
I know! Stephanie Meyer posted something that explains how it's possible. I don't know the link, so instead I'll expain it. (I'm going to speak it all biological, okay.) Well, the steminal fluids in a human male, are still in a male vampire. That allows it to bond with a human ovum. Understand :)
Not really, but that's okay! I have two questions! What are steminal fluids and what ovum? Wait till I look that up in a dictionary and I'll get back to you!
Okay my dictionary did good on ovum, but no entry under steminal fluids. I'm assuming it has something to do with stem cells?
well i guess its kind of like how in real life woman's reproductive parts stop being able to reproduce and men can reproduce till theyre not around anymore...


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