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Okay, this is a little awkward! Okay, very awkward! But I just have to ask!

I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a Twilight Fan, too, and she posed this really awkward, but well-deserving question. So I decided to create this discussion to ask you guys what you think, because honestly I have no answer whatsoever.

So here is my question: Vampires are frozen in time, right? So their bodily functions are virtually non-existent. They don't eat so they don't digest, they can't produce tears, they don't 'visit the bathroom' and so on. So, how was Bella able to conceive a child? I mean, isn't the production of semen one of those bodily functions?

I hope you have an answer because no matter how many times I've thought this over I still come up empty!

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That's the most logical conclusion, but it still doesn't explain the 'dead' part. I mean vampires are technically dead so technically 'they're not around anymore' to use your words! I don't know this whole thing is very confusing!
No Stephenie did not make a mistake. Venom controls everything in vampire's bodies it is the only substance that is in their body. It is their saliva and I'm pretty sure that is what makes the males penises hard and I'm sure that venom is what comes out when they ejaculate. I'm sure she thought about this before she just started writing about human females getting pregnant by male vampires. It kinda explains it in the Official Illustrated Guide.


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