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Here are some character promo cards given out at Comic-Con. What do you think of the characters' new looks for Breaking Dawn? 


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These are really neat. I have to say though someone had mentioned the other day that Edwards eyes were to dark and now that I really look at them I have to agree.
Maybe it's just the lighting? Only the girls seem to have truly lighter eyes (their eyes are bigger, easier to see/photoshop). Of course, Edward is dressed in his honeymoon clothes -- maybe he's just "hungry". ;)
I think you might be right because in the book he hardly ever hunts due to being by Bella's side all the time.
Edward looks..weird..?

Really? How so? Or is there no specific weird aspect -- he just looks...weird? lol


I think this looks a lot better than Eclipse. Actually, on the (cheap) Eclipse promos everybody looked off. They were so bad... :/

yeah, it's not really a bad weird.. he just looks different.. I know that's really vague, but I can't really describe
Jasper looks delicious. And Bella and edward look like a normal couple in this. so lovely xD
Jasper's hair is starting to look like a girl haircut. Just saying...not cool.
Jasper and Emmett look hot! whoo!
oh my god, is it possible for rosalie to get prettier in each movie? Jasper looks more like the kind of kid that goes and hunts for his family.Emmet looks more like a  vampire tha the reat of them!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love them. I liked Jasper and Alice's better the way it was before though. Then Rosalie was better looking as a pure blonde.
Carlisle Doesn't look like Carlisle =/... Emmett, Jasper, Jake and Edward are hot as always <3.


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