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i keep seeing all the team Jacob posts.not gonna lie kinda making me mad! need some team edward people!!! reasons Bella and Edward should be together?!

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Hmmm...I keep reading posts and stories on here that deal with off-shoots of the Twilight Series...if they aren't counted as "Team Edward", they should be. As far as why Edward should be with Bella, how about because she is (in human form) the WORLD'S BIGGEST KLUTZ AND EVIL VAMPIRE MAGNET! That is what makes it so hard to read or watch "New Moon". Edward is supposed to be some super-smart immortal, yet he goes away to "let Bella live her life", knowing full-well how the killer-vampire Victoria wants Bella dead! In my book, that makes Edward...DUMB - DUMB - DUMB! 

In Edward's defense, he didn't know Victoria wanted Bella dead when he left in New Moon. In fact, nobody felt Victoria was a big threat. I mean, they did go all summer without a trace of her.

Then Edward went to track her, just as a precaution. He couldn't imagine she'd actually be after Bella.

I still say he acted stupidly...the wolves kept seeing Victoria so why couldn't Edward? Yeah, I know Alice can't see through the wolves, but Edward had even said that vampires were all about "pay-back"...leaving Bella was just plain stupid! If you were a vampire and loved a human (who was a hugh danger magnet) would you go off and leave them to "live their life"? I know I would at least stay near-enough to keep watch over her, not down in Rio mashing my cell-phone! LOL

At that time they were sure Victoria will come after Edward not Bella. Such idea made him wish to save (in his mind it did mean - to leave) Bella even more. I do not see this as stupidity.

Before the movies kind of ruined it...*ahem*...there were plenty of Team Edward people. lol There still are plenty "Team Edwards", actually. 

Anyway, here are some of my reasons Edward and Bella belong together: 

+ They're both old souls. Their maturity and book smart-y-ness match, and that doesn't make it boring -- it makes for interesting conversations. And trust me, when you have eternity ahead of you, interesting conversations become key entertainment (next to good ol' love making, which brings me to my next point...)

+ Edward breaks headboards. And vampires never get tired. ;D

+ Bella Cullen sounds better than Bella Black. Bella Black is like a tongue twister -- who wants that? LOL!

+ Edward doesn't just protect Bella's life -- he protects her soul, too.

+ Edward the mind-reader + Bella the shield = perfect, balanced relationship! The way I see it, Edward can relax in peace and quiet while still being with Bella, and Bella herself can have the same amount of privacy as her mate. (Does that make sense? I'm trying to say their talent compliments the other's.) 

+ Edward's spent a century alone, living with three perfectly matched mates, and has been to Hell and back several times. He deserves the girl! lol

+ Edward will always try to do the right thing and be compassionate, even if it means he'll have to go through Hell again! 

+ Edward left Bella in New Moon. (Yes, I went there. And most would use it as an argument against Edward, but not me!) He truly believed this was the right thing to do, to keep her safe, to keep her happy, in the long run (let's be honest, Bella would have moved on, probably with Jacob, if the Italy thing hadn't happened. She never would have forgotten Edward, or stopped loving him, but she would have found happiness in a human life given time, just as Edward wanted for her). And Edward left her, for her, while knowing he would be miserable and alone for the rest of eternity. No hope at all for him, but for her it's worth it? That's selfless love, right there.

+ Edward cherishes Bella, doesn't judge her desires, treats her respectfully, and when he does make mistakes, he learns from them.

+ Pale, clumsy beyond belief, danger magnet, smarter than average, isn't afraid of the supernatural, open-minded, has never fit in with humans, has little family [to leave behind]... Bella was made to be a vampire.

+ Edward dazzles Bella (and he doesn't need to take his shirt off to do it). :p

+ Edward and Bella are soul mates. Plain and simple. No matter what is considered right or safer or easier, true love is true love, and Bella and Edward have proven they're willing to fight for each other, and have shown that they're love can withstand any obstacle in their path. 



Agreed! ;)

Edward and Bella should be together because they love each other. I could say that they should be together so that Edward could protect Bella, but there is no stronger reason than love. How many of us wanted to be able to marry and be happy with your first and only love? She is. It doesn't matter if she doubt it. We wouldn't know that their love is real if they didn't tested it. That's my opinion. You could count the advantages and the disadvantages and say that Jake is better for Bella because of that. But at the end of the day love makes his choice.

they fit so well with each other and just have the chemistry that every couple should have.

On my first time reading the books i was all "she just doesnt feel that way about him,its just pure love for edward"and that was my only thought and comment to the team jacobs, now about 5 reads later (and watching the movies countless times lol) i'v come to the conclusion that bella and jacob had that "connection" purely because of the "pull" of jacobs imprinting, obviously i realise that bella only got pregnant in breaking dawn but i truely think that,that is the reason they felt so strongly for each other, they knew they cared for one and other but in a totally different way and they knew they needed to be together  but as family. So im my opinion there is no contest in that!!


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