The Twilight Saga

in this story edward is human

bella is a vampire

carlilse esme and rosalie are vampires

alice is a vampire in the denali coven

jasper is a vapire also and is bella's true love

emmett is edward's brother

charlie is edward's and emmett's adoptive father.


so here is chapter one



I was alone in the forest where I hunt when some sneaks up behind me.hello im jasper.  i turned around and we feel in love instantly. hi im bella . i said  then he apoligized I didnt relize this land was taken. It isnt I just hunt here alot. ok then i can share. im tired of killing iniciont people all the time. you dont have to you know i dont. i hunt animals for there blood. you want to come to my house I can see we were meant to be. and by that you mean that girl does over there. alice your cover is blown. I had the vision and wanted to met him myself. jasper alice alice jasper. hey have you seen any thing about where were going to live. yes that is what i came to see you about there is a couple with an adoptid vampire daughter. ok then it settled we leave tomorow.

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wow cool thats a weird to even think of! =)
I packed my bags jasper packed his and came to help me and alice pack. then we drove about twenty hours till we got there.we knocked on the door carlilse ansered. alice started talking and she asked a very rude Question. she asked can i have the room with all the windows at the top floor. carlilse looked astonished what he asked. let me talk alice. mr.cullen alice saw avision seeing you and us living together. she said you know the denali coven and would love to have us as daughter's and son. carlilse who is it esme said as she came to the door. how rude of you carlilse come in.she waved toward us and we obeyed. wouldnt want to make our new mom mad. esme honey how would you feel about adopting these kids. oh lovely carlilse. ok then looks like you can go get your stuff. theres something you should know carlilse. yes um... sorry its bella i told him. sure you can tell me anything. one I dont go to school two me and jasper are in love. that should be no probleme. but what do you do. I work of corse i support me and jasper what else would i do. what type of job do you do. im a docter like you are. I made sure your hospital would exept me before i left to come here. and they told me they would love to have my expertist. what rank of a docter are you bella an attendant why. you may not be able to apose as my daughter. why im only twenty two. because im only a resident. oh not at work the im just your boss. you already knew about this. it comes in handy when you have a vampire who can see the future. very funny. bella sweety which room do you want. speak of the devil. jasper it dont matter which ever one you want. okay. you dont mind do you mr.cullen. please call me dad or carlilse. and no it wont be a problem. oh there's something else you need to know. and what would that be. im only half vampire. huh oh sorry forgot to explian. iwas born by a human mother and conceived by a vampire father who died fighting for how does that work might i ask you'll see soon enough. huh sorry forgot another one i thought it was noticable. im pregnant with twins. ok let me get this striaght you expect me to adopt you and become a grand father in the same day. not the same day just the same week.huh. jasper come tell carlilse who this works. im tired.whoa did she just say tired vampires dont sleep. shes only half vampire. come listen._______________________________________________________________________________________________
BUZAR. i didn't understand ANY of it! lol
cccoonnnfuussiinng! but interesting! =p
sorry i should put who says the stuff. this is better than my other story.

here's another chapter.

chapter three
bella's pov

i woke up in the morning first thing i heard was jasper say. do you know what day yet.alice knows more than me so if your going to bug someone about it i said. i went down stairs saw esme. esme when is rosalie coming back i said. seriously you have got to stop doing that she said. sorry i laughed. do you think the baby will call me grandmaw she asked me. who knows she might call you mom because ill be out of it for a few days i told her. you never ansered my Question esme i told her. sorry she should be back by this evening she told me. jasper stop bugging me now alice said as she ran down the stairs. bella I should kill you. yall know i cant focus on one detail yet alice told me. I know but it is true you know more than i do. esme starred at us confused. something we descussed this morning. ok then im going to get carlilse up.
nice!! it's okay btw i just reread and it and totally got it stephenie meyer or you =p should write that book!
p.s yeah quotes would help though i dont wanna be picky
heyy it's Jane Joaslal! changed my user name and pic! =p
wow cool .......
Not trying to critize but it would be nice to know who is pregnant and by who. Who is the half vamp and human? Hard to follow but like what you are doing. Maybe you should seperate when other's are talking so that we know who is saying what. Sorry not trying to pick on you but had to keep re reading and got confused.
bella is the half vamp she is pregnant with jasper being the father dont worry changes in the end maybe maybe not keep reading.

chapter four.
indefinant maybe
edwards pov.

We just arrived today and i already knew i was going to like this town. dad walked in.
hey edward do you want to ga on a tour of the town with me dad said. nah i dont want to maybe later i told him.
i like it when im thinking it seems as if my world desapiers. i was thinking maybe if that chick i saw was married she is hot. wait did i just call the lady chick and hot. how rude of me.

sorry i didnt stay on his pov to long.

bella's pov

im getting board with stating home. jasper goes to school. alice helps esme. im stuck reading romeo and juliet. my faverite line was. with these violent delights come violent ends. like fire and powder which as they kiss consume.
im back i heard jasper say. i ran down stairs and saw he had someone with him. bella this is chief swan and his son emmett jasper told me. hi im his wife i told them. i almost growled. bella it is nice to meet you,but please call me charlie he told me. i know this aint my business but are you pregnant emmett asked me. why yes i am i told them. hey you said there is someone waiting to see me emmett asked agian. yes there is rose come down here please jazz said. coming she told him..................

ok ill tell you a little bit more about the characters.

alice still see's the future
bella can read peoples thoughts but only when they are sheilded by her
carlilse has his emtional strength
esme has a mental power but only uses it when she has to
jasper emotional status
It's nice, but I it's a little weid to read.


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