The Twilight Saga

in this story edward is human

bella is a vampire

carlilse esme and rosalie are vampires

alice is a vampire in the denali coven

jasper is a vapire also and is bella's true love

emmett is edward's brother

charlie is edward's and emmett's adoptive father.


so here is chapter one



I was alone in the forest where I hunt when some sneaks up behind me.hello im jasper.  i turned around and we feel in love instantly. hi im bella . i said  then he apoligized I didnt relize this land was taken. It isnt I just hunt here alot. ok then i can share. im tired of killing iniciont people all the time. you dont have to you know i dont. i hunt animals for there blood. you want to come to my house I can see we were meant to be. and by that you mean that girl does over there. alice your cover is blown. I had the vision and wanted to met him myself. jasper alice alice jasper. hey have you seen any thing about where were going to live. yes that is what i came to see you about there is a couple with an adoptid vampire daughter. ok then it settled we leave tomorow.

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if you dont like it then dont read it ok
well i think it very good i like it keep going
this is greate
not trying to be picky but please do longer pov on characters. who did edward see? are bella and jacob really married? sorry it is just a little confusing. would be better if you seperated who was talking. it doing good though
keep going please
i dont really understand...
jasper and bella are married bella is pregnant with his daughter edward saw bella with jasper

so sry internet still down cant right and i do not do parinthises got a prob with that stop reading sorry for the time defrences


a month later


 me and jasper found our own mates edward loved nessie and the others of my family i loved his alice and jasper got together kinda jelous bout that he treats her like his world would stop if anything happened to her but i got edward i notice the way jasper stares at me and him. nessie is still his one thing that will never change.

daddy your not listening to me nessie demanded.

sorry ness what was you sayin edward asked.

jasper clenched his teeth to stop from hissing alice was in the room she would react different than edward did when i almost killed rosalie though she was one of us he didnt want that to happen.

i want to go with you to the store nessie said.

of course you can but ask mommy first edward said looking at me.

i smiled. ofcourse i dont mind i said happily.

sorry internet down


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