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Bella was supposed to die three different times in Twilight. Edward saved her all three times. It is like Final Destination; death was after her because her number was up when she first met Edward. The only problem was that Edward’s supernatural abilities kept interfering. Once Edward interfered with her destiny Bella became forever indebted to him. Because of this I have drawn two conclusions:


  • Bella ultimately had to become a vampire (more specifically a Cullen) because she was already a walking dead woman.. it was only matter of time before death swooped back around to try and take her out again.


  • Bella could never be with Jacob because her and Edward’s lives were forever bound together by his "supernatural" interference.


What do you think??

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thank you for that.. I feel you :)
as I wrote the thread I didn't even consider the fact that Bella didn't fit into her current existence. I believe that little fact strengthens my opinion on the subject… and I agree with you - it was her destiny. I like that you mentioned that she still had a choice… that my friend, is what it came down to in Eclipse... she had to choose if she would walk in her destiny or do what seemed right to everybody else (be with Jacob, have a semi-normal life, please Charlie, etc. etc.). might I add that vampirism fit Bella like a glove.. just perfect for her. now that death is no longer chasing her (since she is "dead") she can live forever in this new existence with excellence and grace.
right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
Nicely Said... I don't think I could of said it better if I tried!
i think that is excatly right :) i love this idea though, that edward doesnt have to do much and he saves her life andd her and jacob could never be :)

she says loads of stuff that ment she didnt fit in well and that with edward she was happy and belonged so i REALLY think this is true and i love it :) xxxx
I am sure there are people out there who wouldn't mind if Jacob never imprinted on Renesme.. Yes he deserves his happy ending, but still...
i think that bolth of these conculsions are great, but i think that Bella could live without Jacob. Even though she spent 6 months with him she did hold on to the perfect ideal, her firey love for Edward. If the Voltiri would have made Edward change Bells in Italy then she would have forgotten him very easy. And even in Breaking Dawn if Jacob hadn't imprinted on Renessmee then Jacob would have been out of Bella's life for a long time. But I still think that without Jacob the Twilight Saga would be incomplete. Jacob adds that ceritan element to the series that no one else could. He adds the drama, the easyness, and the treditanal wrong romantic choice. Now I'm not saying that Jacob is the right choice, he is definatly the wrong choice, but I am saying that he is what makes this saga a love triangle and a bit more adventues and more relatible.
I am grateful for Jake’s role in all this since he too saved Bella. when Edward left, he left Bella unprotected from Victoria. this is where Jake stepped in and interfered with death as well. it was his destiny to be a part of Bella’s life.. forever connected to her. Bella would be the mother of his imprint so they had to be in each others' lives.
Part of me wished that Edward would have just let Bella change after James bit her... death would have taken its course and she would have resurrected to a new existence as a vampire. no need for heart break, no need for a love triangle, no need for a torturous pregnancy, no need for all the drama.. but then again that would mean no need for new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. and that wouldn't be too fun would it. Thanks to Edward’s indecisions and overreactions we have a wonderful 4 part saga.
Jacob not only saved Bella from Victoria, he saved her when she jumped off the cliff. Bella would have been happy with Jacob, but she never would have experienced the love she felt for Edward. Bella was meant to be with Edward from the moment she laid her eyes on him. Bella always referred to Jacob as her sun (which you can live without) I always referred to Edward as Bella air (which you can't live without.) I think Bella was destined to be a vampire. It came to her so naturally and made her happy. She finally felt like she fit.
I think you have a good point about Edwards supernatural powers interfeing with destiny... but I strongly believe everything happens for a reason even in books most authors don't no what is going to happen until it does so again it is happening for a reason... In this case Bella had death knocking on her door and Edward was suppose to help her find where she belonged... She was to mature for her age and she even stated that she didn't belong... She was never afraid of Edward or the Cullens like others... Its almost like she new... When she first looked at him and he looked at her they (in the words of Jacob) imprinted.. They had a strong bond that even when they weren't together they were drawn together... Edward went and sat in her room without her knowing because he needed to and he didn't no why he needed to he just did.... Bella saved Edward to though and it wasn't ever a choice for her she would have saved him a million times if she needed to because she had to because they are drawn together!


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