The Twilight Saga

Just want to know your style of wedding dress and suit.

Let's post pictures of Bella's wedding dress and Edward's suit!

And maybe wedding ring? (if you don't like the ring in the book)



The ring

What do you think? What about your style?

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i like the suit and the ring is supposed 2 b gold
the dress is ok but i like this 1 bettr

or this

Thanks for ur opinion!
wait why is the ring different from eclipse????
That's just my style:)
nice style!!!
I love the first dress! x
I think the first dress Sarah posted is the closest to what Bella would be wearing, except the neckline..but it's pretty....simple and elegant, nothing poofy!. I don't care for the suit...I don't see Edward in a bowtie tux, I see something more like this...
i want to see rosalie 's dress
na i like the ring in the book better just because its so edward and its really pretty too
not like other wedding rings that guys normally get for girls
its one of a kind ;)
thank u!!! if u read carefully the dress n everythin is suppose to b how its was back in edwards day!!! although all these dresses r GORGOUS!!


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