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So my friend Alex is the greatest friend in the world. She knows how crazy obssessed I am with Twilight. So for the past week all I've heard from her is "Oh you are going to go crazy when you see what I got you for Christmas!" and I think the whole grade knew except for me. Sure enough I opened the gift and nearly passed out right in school.

First I open it and see this and I was confused, because she obviously knew I owned all these books:







So she said "Open it" and I did and seriously how many of you have friends who would drive to a different state and wait in a 6 hour line for you for this?: (ph and it is to me, my name is also Alex hhaha)

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Oh my gosh, your such a lucky girl!! :)

gosh , lucky for having that .

I really almost passed out right in school

Yea, you are really blessed. You are blessed to have a caring friend like that, because not many people do.

I love my friend Alex. She is just the best.

wow . if people r just like your friend . stephenie meyer wil be richer.


This is so sweet of her!!!

Wow that is so nice of your friend! She deserves BEST FREIND OF THE YEAR.
Hahaaha she does

you're so lucky! i wish i had a friend like yours. :)

Hahaha i love her so much. She is the greatest.


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