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I think Betty White had the best seat in the house at the People's Choice Awards.  Right next to Robert Pattinson.  What do you think?


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Look at that smile!

They both have the best smile ever. He was only sitting by her when the award was getting ready to be presented I think he was sitting some where else. But he's still a cutie and I love Betty White.

They're both very loveable!

Yes, I agree.


*edited by mod* HAPPENED TO HIS HAIR?!? >:(

I don't know but I'm sad about.

I still love his smile!

IKR!!! its ALL gone!!! (cry)!!

Best seat in the house right there. I wish was there!!!!!!

So do I!

I think that Robert desreve the award and nice hair cut you really desreve that award and you and Betty White look great as friends seating together. But as couple not so much. BUT you and Kristen Stewart they both make a couple.If Robert and Kristen were there together last night I will be shock. WELL!wish Robert good luck and his nice hair cut.

She (Betty White) could play his grandmother in a movie.


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