The Twilight Saga

ok, i had this dream.

Bella (vampire) :Edward!

Edward darts to Bella quickly. "What? What's wrong?"


Edward looks around and listens hard for Renesmme's thoughts. By his expression, he doesn't hear her. "Jacob!" he roars.

Jacob lopes in, on all fours, and whines. "What is it now?" Jacob thinks.

"We can't find Renesmme! Have you seen her?"

Jacob's eyes get wide and he shakes his head frantically.

Bella breaks down, Edward tries to calm her. "Jacob! Go look for her!"

Jacob darts out the door.




The Volturi have returned. Caius has one arm behind his back, like he's hiding something...

"Caius!" Aro exclaimes angrily when he walks forward to meet him.

Caius thrusts his arm out and Renesmee stumbles and falls. She hisses at Cauis and rises to her feet. Her eyes are outlined in dark purple, she is very thirsty.


(The scene completely changes.)


Back at the Cullens.



Edward and Bella are laying in bed, Renesmee is sitting down watching TV.

She's explaining everything to them while her eyes don't leave the screen, and her words are too faint for me to hear them.


Then I wake up.












What the freak? I've had that same dream every night for a week now! What the freak is going on here? Plz tell me wut you think!

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You should write more. It's a book waiting to happen.
start writing them down like the rest of us you need to know what happens next god I was hooked after the first line keep writing x
Absolutely spellbound...write it all down and then connect the dots into a story for publishing! I've finished writing my book and am working with my publisher on the cover art now...still shooting for October through Amazon which will be selling it.
Wow... That was good. U should write more. That was really good. The part with the Volturi geting Renesmee but if u would write more u should make that part a little more...... longer and tell how they got Renesmee. If that was there it would be a lot better. But if u wouldnt the book would still be good.
Sounds pretty good. Sorry to burst your bubble though about publishing, You wouldn't be able to get it published because those characters are Stephenie's. And you would have to go through a long process to get the rights. Anyway keep writing for fun anyway!!!
I'm not talking about getting it published. Yah those r Stephenies' characters. Couldn't they sue me if I did publish it? I don't want it published. But thnx

To publish you can change the names, I don't use "Volturi", but refer to them as the Tuscan Scum or Bullies, explaining that they demand others keep a low profile, while they entice large numbers of tourists and their children into their lair to be slaughtered, without reguard to the retribution their actions could bring down on us all. In my second book, now in work, when a primary character discusses meeting the Cullens, they are called the Olympic Coven. Renesmee and her parents are identifed by what they are, "The abilities of one of the Olymic Coven's families should be sufficient to reduce the Tuscan Bullies to the cowards they truly are. The youngest can neutralize the Tuscan's powers, forcing them into a fair fight for the first time. Her mother, developed her own powers, previously protecting against mental attacks, into one that protects against physical blows, Her father's mind reading abilities, can alert these two amazing women to an enemies' plan of attack and one of her 'aunts' can see future events before they happen." If you feel the need to use names, just say the child has a difficult name, but that you heard her called "Nessi," (Note the difference in spelling). Don't listen to "Nay Sayers", write it, then rewrite it several times, use spell checker (I'd use it on this if it were available)!

Aw thnx guys but it wuz just a dream


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