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I've read the books several times and i noticed things they left out that seemed to at least deserved to be mentioned like how alice came to be and what happened to her creator. Do you feel the movie or the book does moree justice to the story? Personaly I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!! Just wanting to see what everyone else thinks!

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guess no one else noticed?
do you think it does justice to leave some stuff out because I was glad i read the books first? They filled in grey areas for me!
Last year i saw the movie first and i honestly loved it. that night i still had like a thousand questions and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the books and during Christmas last year i read ALL the books in 5 days and then watched the movie over again. I think the book does more justice to the story because it gives you every detail that you can't see in a movie but also I like how now I can visualize better some things in the book because of the movie.
I fully agree with the visual! Now I can see the faces of the charecters as i read and I do believe that it makes it easier to put yourself in to the book
When I find a book that I can completely "get into" I can visualize what is, in a way, I've already seen the movie; in my mind, exactly the way it's supposed to be. So when the "actual" movie comes out, I'm initially disappointed. Yes, including Twilight. I have since watched the movie several times and have become a HUGE fan of both.
I do think that even though the movie is awsome it does lack some of the essential parts of the devotion Edward has for Bella. I just think that it does miss somethings that will just have made it even better. I just cannot wait for New Moon.
I agree I heard they may write a book from edwards perspective! I would really love to read that! It seems to me that they didn't add enough of his thought pattern to either the books nor the movies!
Well SM did start writing Midnight Sun. In case you have not read it you can find it in SM website. It is awsome and it made me understand better Twilight. Too bad she only got to write 264 pages and the book is on hold right now but you can read about that in her website too. But it is awsome anyway!!! let me know if you need the link in case you cannot find it. and let me know how you like it! Personally I LOVED it!!!!
I love them both too.
The books always do more and explain more butt I love the movies.
I just finished the book,but I do think some parts dragged and I don't ever rember Edward telling her what he is.


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