The Twilight Saga

okay i know a lot of people saw new moon and read the book so tell me what do you think is better the book or movie. mines the book. what about you?

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Books are always better...especially in the case of the "Twilight Saga"! There is so much more detail written into the story than can be included in the movies
book. they r always better. in the books edward and bella have more personalities than in the movies but the movies r still good :)
The book, definitely.
the books are def. better, but the best benifit about the movies.... Rob pattinson... OMG!
Deff the book. It gives more detail than the film. If it could be just like the book I wouldn't complain however I wouldn't want to get up to go to the bathroom after the first 3 or 4 hrs. I wouldn't want to miss a thing! :(
The books of course ! It gives so many more details, descriptions, and we're free to picture everything with our own imagination! Still, i'm grateful for the movies, so we can picture the character...they did a really great job with the cast...! i don't know about you, but i can't think of Edward/Bella/Carslile....without seeing Rob, Kristen, Peter...!
Without a doubt the Book but I do love the movie. I think the movie is great!!!! I have cried everytime I saw it. Also cried everytime I read it[6 times].

So basically I love them both but the book gets my vote for better=-)
Book, their always better :)
The book is diffently better than the movie.Bella expresses her feelings when tthe movie can not.
As far as I am concerned, movies take too much literary license from books. So the books are better than the movies.
the books Of Course!
the book...very imaginative...


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