The Twilight Saga

hey guys.. im looking for a books similar to Twilight... i bought the "Vampire Academy" books so i will see how they are i was told they are better than twilight.. but i dont think anything is better than twilight, personaly i dont think i will be able to read anything else other than twilight again!


so help me out.. what are some good books....

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I read a ton of books that are similar to twilight...the two series that have been really good are Evermore and The Vampire Diaries!!! Good luck finding something better then Twilight...i know its difficult trust me i know how u feel....give these series a try..they actually are not that bad
There isnt anything better than twilight but those books are good ive read them too
i have just bought Nightworld by L.J.Smith so am going to give those a go.
The Vampire Diaries are excellent books! Not as good as The Twilight Saga but still a really good read xx
The Host
The House of Night Series
Vampire Academy Series
Vampire Diaries Series
The Immortal Series
Hush Hush
Beautiful Creatures

They are all really great love stories
wow thnx uv helped me to with my same prob.. Thnx hope ill enjoy them!
the mortal instruments series (not really similar but really good)
and a book called shiver
Hush,Hush is a really good book! it's kinda like Twilight but doesnt have vampires in :P The whole plot is kinda the same though :P
the vampire academy book are really really good i have all four and the might i suggest vampire diaries


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