The Twilight Saga

As I sit here looking at the computer screen I’m filled with a certain urge to write. I find it funny because once I pulled up Microsoft Word, I realized I had completely no inspiration—no story. So here I am narrating myself, which is actually not half bad. I’ve always had a nag for writing, even as a child. My only problem is once I start a story, I seem to never finish, this is why I usually write poetry. The only reason I’m on my pc is because my iPhone is broken! Not having a phone really shows me how attached I was to it. I didn’t even use my pc. During this depressing time, I’ve come to notice some of the many things I quit doing, such as reading and writing. The summer of 2009-2010 I read feverishly, and this summer I’ve only read one book. I use to write poetry as well. It’s funny how things change us, time, friends, making cheerleader, becoming class president, reading a simple book—just anything. I’d like to say I remained the same, but deep down I know that I too have changed. For the better? Maybe, I’m unsure. I think that no matter where life takes us, we all change in some way. Some worst than others. My number 1 motto is “You live and you learn.” This narration is turning into some of my deepest thoughts, but it’s honestly helpful in a way. Point is, a lot of times when we’re bored we never actually stop and just think about life and what it holds for us. My name is Kelsey Taylor and I don’t know if you found any comfort and amusement for reading this, but I certainly did writing it!♥♥

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aww thnks so much!!!


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