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I do not know if any of you have heard this, but Eclipse is coming out on June 10, 2010 and Breaking Dawn is coming out sometime in 2013! I am going to die if we have to wait three years after Eclipse comes out to see Breaking Dawn!?! :'(

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Wait, we have to wait how many years!!!!!.......... 3 years is WAYYYYYYYY to long
lol...because we have to wait for our minor ages Twilusted to reach 18!
kidding aside...until it's not definite yet, you know Breaking Dawn is so complicated, even the book itself so i think it really needs time for a good movie :)
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's totally crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! just watch new moon last night and it really bothers me cause i already want to see eclipse!!!!! HELL NO if i waited for that long....everything will be really different.... they might lose the chemistry there....
I heard Eclipse is coming out on 6/30. That's what David Slade said on Twitter. And 2 days before it comes out there's going to be an eclipse.
I will be 14 yrs. old right now in 2013 I will be 18 yrs. old I can't wait that long for Breaking Dawn that's my fav book out of the whole series.
They seriously can't make us wait 3 years!! I have just been to see New Moon and I want to see the whole series right now!!! I'm gona go nuts!!! :P
Where did u hear that from?plzzz let me know!!!
noooooo!!!! i can not wait no three years!! that is too long.. they best get it out in 2011.. which is still so long away!!!!i just wish they could come out every 6months.. that would be great!!
it's just unbelievable!
3 year? iI almost died so anxious for new moon, and now, although I have to wait 6 months to eclipse, gotta wait 3 years?

It's insane!!!
NO!!! 2013!!!!
in the brighter side if Breaking Dawn comes out in 2013 the twilight craze will keep going for longer time..
that's nice..
The hell with that!! 3 year!!! and i live in Israel i need to wait till 10th December to watch New Moon!!!
this sucks!!
I'm gonna cry!!! :'(
uk relase date is 9 july


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