The Twilight Saga

 OMG, i just cant wait for BREAKING DAWN!!!

its my favourite in the TWILIGHT SAGA

and since its the last one...*faint

its gonna be AWESOME!!!


the official WEDDING and then RENESMEE and BELLA becoming VAMPIRE with the Volturi coming for the Cullens and all the VAMPIRES in for a fight...


then a HAPPILY EVER AFTER....*sighh


it will be the best movie EVER

anyone else agree?


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I feel the same exact way. I wouldn't care how long the movie was. I would seat through the whole thing. I just want it to be like the book.
I agree it's the best in the series. I can't wait to see both Part 1 and Part 2. I think the last in the series is going to be exciting yet sad. As a definite fan of the movies and actors together, I think it will be hard watching the last one knowing the Saga will end.
Yeah but then think...they'll be a Twilight Saga DVD gift box for Christmas 2012!!! All 5 movies, + Twilight in Forks, maybe a couple "making of the saga" DVD's or maybe the movie soundtracks as a bonus (that would be SWEET!!!! Then we could watch it .."...and then forever!!!" as Edward would say!
That would be gr8 to be able to get every thing is a boxed addition. Movies and soundtracks.
Well you know the movies will eventually be in a box set....that's a given. But a complete "special Christmas Edition" or "Valentines Edition" with movies AND sountracks would be smokin hot! I'd reaalllly LOVE to see a bonus certificate for a free Autographed copy of a completed Midnight Sun included. (while supplies last, of course) =)
or a completed Midnight Sun just included in general!!! Can you imagine buying the boxed set and getting a copy of a completed first printing of Midnight Sun. WOOO HOOOO! We can dream....ahhhh....


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