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I saw on the news today that Summit is going to make Breaking Dawn two movies. How do u guys feel about this?

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I was thinking dang we have to wait even longer to see it.
I don't like waiting for two parts of a movie to come out.But at least since they are making two parts we won't miss too many correct scenes from in the book rather than missing a lot of scenes from the book in one movie.
True true.
I agree whit you... It sucks....
I'm happy they are making it too after being scared for so long that they weren't with all the rumors going around.
If they'd only made one movie, that would mean that they would have to skip some amazing parts.
Right I just hate waiting. LOL
At least after waiting a while for the first part of Breaking Dawn it won't be to bad waiting for the second part.
I was thinking dang we have to wait even longer to see it.
I hate it so badly! That's retarded it's bad enough I have to wait till 2011 to see it and now it's gona be 2012 b4 I get to finish it! I could be dead by then!


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