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I heard that in the Breaking Dawn movie their is going to be a whole new cast! Is that true???

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dont no! but where did you heard that???????????? it shouldnt be like this!
what???? :(( where did you heard that??? :-s :|
I didnt hear that! It would ruin everything if the characters were to be changed
if this is true, is ridiculous and makes no sense. It would be a disappointment to all fans of Twilight.
I heard that too in a interview to peter facinelli... But there is just suppositions I think...
I believe that there was a more recent interview and it was stated that the cast was signed on to do the Breaking Dawn movie, the only issue was whether they would do it in 1 or 2 movies. Anyone know anything different? I really do not think that fans would happy about new actors with this being such a phenomenon and they know that. I will look for the video with this interview again.
I won't watch it if they don't keep the orignal cast. but I believe it isn't true.
the cast is the same. theyre just getting new members
I heard that Rob only signed for the three films and he will not be in Breakin Dawn.I hope this is just a bad rumor!!I really do!!
if it is true i will be actually raging
Yes it is a rumor,, her is an older interview with him stating "And Breaking Dawn is some point as well... Ill be all twilighted out..."


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