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how many think that breaking dawn should be made a movie.i do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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there ganna make it a movie as long as the fan base stays high and it will. They may even make two ouy of it.
I agree. With the amount of money that the Twilight series is bringing in, it would be a crime not to make Breaking Dawn. I hope that they decide soon, the actors are getting older and filming would need to start soon
They really should make a movie of Breaking Dawn. Unfortunately all good things end and Breaking Dawn finishes it off. Most of the loose ends are tied and I think not to do that for the movie fans (those that see the movies instead of read the books!) or the Twilighters would be highly dissapointing.
they should.but i heard some where i dont know where saying that they wont.and if they do it would be in 2 parts
i do as long as its not rated R (parent wont let me watch it) i hope they make it a movie!! : )
i dont think it would be dont worry
However, a while ago i did see something saying that when they did make it(If they do) that the were not going to hold back on the more explixit sceens, and i don't know what is the reason to being undecided but i think that stephenie being a Mom of youg kids that are very supportive of her, has quite an obligation to hold up to when it comes to Teens and children that like the saga.when it comes to those sceens she lived up to her integrity, but That is stephenie and she is awesome
of course there's going to be a movie... don't you think? is like having 7 harry potters & not filming the last book!!!! but, now that i think about it, why not? maybe SM wont feel in the "mood" to film it, like "not in the mood of finishing Midnight sun", right?

But is too much money involve... too many people, you think they will want to stop making money?

And what's so difficult about filming the movie, the story is not like difficult, a few more werewolf, a half human half vampire, a few more vampires, a few kids for Renesmee, a few contacts for Bella, beside a few years back we saw the "Governator" (Arnold Schwarzenegger) pregnant so with the technology we have right now, how difficult is to have a pregnant Bella? and that's it right? What else is there that makes the story so difficult to film?
i dont think money a big problem with how newmoon is out theres going 2 be alot of money left over 2 do the movie
That's what i meant... the money they'd loose if they don't do the movie.

Do you know anyone who doesn't want to have money?
i think they will but i just can't see how.... i mean think about renesmee
There are LOTS of digital effects out there I really think they could do it!


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