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Ok guys I just need to know what happens in Breaking Dawn.! I still havent gotten the book.! But I will be getting it for my birthday so tell.! I would like to hear from eveybody and there thoughts of it.! Bye.!!<3

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Are you sure that you want to know everything already? Isn't it much more fun when you can read it all yourself? *smile*
no read it first
its a very intense thats all i will say u will enjoy it u can read it on stephenie myers web site i think
this book is better then the other three, ive read it quite a few times. no one can really tell you what happens in the book, you just have to trust that it is better then the first three. It will not be what you expect of it either. it is something that you will probobly read also many times
Its one of the greatest books in the SAGA... if you thought that you couldnt drop Twilight, New Moon or Eclipse.... Breaking Dawn is gonna make you avoid anything that will make you stop reading... You'll be smiling and laughing the whole way thru... there will be parts where you might even want to cry.. well at least that was my perspective of it... But im sure you'll enjoy every second of it... I wouldnt want to kill the emotions for you... you need to expirience it your own way... But when you finally finish reading it... hit me up.. and tell me what you thought about it!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
I agree. wait and read it. I read it in a day. My poor kids lived on TV for that day.
I think u should read it first. But I will tell u this u will found out that Bella gets a power. I should put it she has a power and she's had it since twilight. Thats all I will tell u. Enjoy reading the book.Oh by the way when is ur b-day? I know the people on here will hate me 4 telling u that. when ur done reading it can u tell me what u thought of it on my page. And yes it is better then the other 3.
no way !!! dont spoil the fun of turning pages n expecting the unexpected......
you will love it.

ready your imagination. :D
I am not gonna ruin it and tell you anything (cuz its kinda like someone ruining a good part of a movie you havent seen yet!) except this is my favorite 1 of the series, the only thing that made me sad was...well....when it ended!! im hungry for more!! i read it in pretty much 24hrs! i couldnt/wouldnt put it down!
I don't understand..... Sorry..... ROBERT yek ve tek...


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