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I read on a web site that they are gonna make the battle more lethal and that some cullens and wolves will die has anyone else heard or read anything about this. Do you think that they would actually do that.  It pains me to think that they could kill even one of them just to make it more exciting I like the book the way it is and don't want it changed in that way

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I agree.... I prefer the book. Sometimes, when movies are trying too hard to make battles seem more exciting, I find it too gory or frightening.

i had not heard anything like that??? hmm

Its true they are changing the ending only because its the last movie and they wanted it to end. It will be a shocker to who will be the one to die but I bet definitely that Nessie and Jacob will be the ones to live in the end.

that is stupid!!!  I am betting Stephenie is gonna be like no.... and there will be alot of upset fans.... No way!!!

actually she is all for it

If they make that happen, Summit better be prepared for a whole lot of angry emails. They CAN'T let this happen! :(

WHAT??? No! How could they do that! I will not believe that Stephenie will let that happen. They need to stick to the books. I will be highly upset!!!!

How could they possibly kill the Cullens??????????? And the wolves!!!!!!! It will suck if they do that! I am having a feeling that SM will not approve it. Or has she already? Is it mentioned on that web site that she is OK with it?

There was no mention of Stephanie's point of view on this in the article.  The girl who wrote it said that she got a look at the script and that she knows someone on the set and that is where she is getting her info from

I heard that Stephanie does approve of the final battle

yeah I don't think theres nythin like that. may b a rumour. coz nobody will approve of it not even SM, she knows her fans....

I heard it was one of Alice's visions... It wasn't going to be the actual battle... That one will be like the book... This one is suppose to be the worst outcome that could happen when the battle is suppose to begin...


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